Project Work Examples

Example 1 - Turnaround Project

Valued Care Solutions has recently supported a residential nursing home with a positive turnaround project. VCS was contacted by the home after the organisation had run into regulatory compliance and delivery of care difficulties.

Firstly VCS completed its own intensive quality compliance audit of the home to highlight the areas non-compliance with regulatory bodies including the CQC and Local Authorities/CCG’s. Within this audit the home owners were provided with a comprehensive report into the areas of non-compliance within their service.

Following this we have worked on a regular basis to set out achievable goals and targets to reach in ensuring that the home is once again regulation compliant and the delivery of care within the service is safe, meaningful and above all else person centred.

This project has had many areas of support from VCS including:

– Initial compliance auditing

– Comprehensive report and action plan on non-compliant areas

– Interim management role delivery whilst new management was recruited

– Full home turnaround project planning

– Continued management and staff support throughout turnaround period

– Support in meeting with all professionals involved in regulation compliance

– Further continued support through monthly external auditing package and management supervision moving forward with the service

The home has moved on through turnaround and is at the latter stage of the project. At the start of the project the home was subject to an embargo on new placements and after quality supports is now accepting new referrals to the home.

Example 2 - Project Dementia Consultancy

Valued Care Solutions (VCS) undertook a project on behalf of a client with their new build of a dementia environment to their existing residential home. From the very start of the project VCS was there as a constant support to the home owner and registered manager, ensuring a smooth on-going transition during the building work.

Supports delivered included:

Communication with partners – VCS established and created direct links with local authority teams (social work and commissioners), the local CCG, CQC departments (including notifications), local community groups (including school, church group, Age Uk & Alzheimer’s Society). These direct links where communicated with from the start of the project and throughout their opinions on development of dementia environment where taken and. Monthly updates right through to the opening were also given.

Support & engagement of staff – Staff meetings were facilitated by VCS which afforded the home an independent person collating and outcoming their concerns and positive views on development of the new environment. Within these supports VCS also arranged a visit to a quality dementia home for the staff to see and experience a fully working unit first-hand prior to taking up their roles at the home.

Support & engagement of residents – VCS facilitated residents meeting to keep all informed of the continued changes to the home and further develops of the service. VCS also facilitated one-page-profiling and individual person centred meetings with residents to work with and allay any concerns they had during the project. These discussions afforded residents the ability to voice their direct opinions and views on how they would like to see the environment developed.

Environmental design – Using VCS’s experience and knowledge in developing a dementia friendly environment we worked closely with the home and local businesses in creating and purchasing a person centred dementia inventory of appropriate environmental items including furniture, furnishings, and the general layout of the rooms and communal areas.

Support of registered manager – Further to the support of the homes dementia environment VCS supplied direct mentoring to the registered manager. Assisting focus for the manager which included; person centred community based approaches; quality health surveillance; and positive engagement of staff members, we created a positive working environment during the changes to the building and service.

Feedback from Registered Manager - "Having Stephen as an independent within our organisation has really afforded us the opportunity to gather real views from everyone involved without the fear of things being said just to agree with management changes that are happening around them. It has really given us a great ‘Voice’ tool to use across our services…"
"Stephen’s ability to take us through each step in the process has been brilliant and his explanations are simple but also really make a difference to the service we created."