About VCS

About Valued Care Solutions

Valued Care Solutions was established in 2011 in order to offer positive support and advice to all providers across the social care sector.

Social Care is an ever evolving and changing market however focus should always be towards people and local community led wellbeing, in order to develop quality service provisions. Personal, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing as well as strong supports through developing assets of people and their local communities ensures that all services focus on a true priority of achieving positive outcomes for all.

VCS has established and continuously works to develop a wide range of tailored services that focus current and future business development/planning through the use of person centred, solution focused and community asset based approaches. This personalised approach ensures that your service is shown to be at the very forefront of quality care and support whilst positively involving people and local communities in valued engagement.

VCS would like to invite you to take a look at the services on offer throughout this website and offer the ability to contact to discuss any further queries you may have.

About Stephen Briscoe ACMI

I am the principle owner and main consultant at Valued Care Solutions. I set out after working 15 years within Local Authorities Direct Social Care Delivery, Contract and Commissioning teams to create a business that, working with a principles base of person centred and community asset based approaches, could make a real difference to social care within all communities across the country.

During this time the two principles that have always been constant to me are those of, empowering people to achieve their own goals and choices, and developing services and supports that are rooted and focused in person centred ways of working.

Over time I witnessed on more than one occasion the minimal support available to providers, management and staffing teams in reaching their full potential to deliver goals of person centred and community supportive services. I also noted that people and communities were not always being enabled or afforded the opportunity to be personally involved as an asset in creating these services. As a result of these areas I created Valued Care Solutions to set about a change in the social care market and provide this positive nurturing support to all.

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Stephen Briscoe - Valued Care Solutions